I only need to do the first part which has been highlight, and the paper introduction.

Two pages are enough, i dont need cover page, however i will need references. thx

Team Term Report

The topic of the report is the changing role of human resource management professionals. You should examine existing research documents and address such issues as:

– what have been the historical roles played by human resource management (HRM) professionals?

– are there any trends with respect to changes in HRM professionals’ roles? If so, what are they and what are the causes?

– what are the implications of changes for HRM professionals’ roles in terms of knowledge and skill for HRM professionals?

– are there other implications of changes in HRM professionals’ roles?

– what is the future for HRM professionals?

Please do not conduct any interviews or surveys in completing this project. Please limit your use of the internet and focus on research that has been published in academic and professional sources.

Your report should be about six to seven pages in length and must be properly cited and referenced using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Please be sure to provide a brief introduction to your paper as well as a summary and a conclusions section. Your report should be double-spaced and should use Times New Roman 12.

The report will be graded in terms of the extent to which the issues raised in the five above questions are addressed. Please pay attention to spelling and grammar. Poor spelling and grammar can result in lost points – to a maximum of 50%.

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