This assignment has 4 questions in which each answer requires 200 words in a response.  In addition the answers must be written in APA format and recall references from the attached resources.  Draw from the literature you are reading (attached) and to make reference to connections you see in terms of application in real world adult education settings


1. Based on the assigned readings, coupled with your own experiences and observations, how does andragogy differ from pedagogy? (Use a Venn Diagram to illustrate your response and (200 Words) .

2. Based on the Andragogy in Practice Inventory (API) by Holton and Bates (2008), describe the connection between the andragogy principles and the learning process design elements. (200 Words)

3. Explain your understanding of the goals of self-directed learning. (200 Words)

4. How does the context of the learning situation affect the learner’s autonomy? (200 Words)

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