Suppose that x is a binomial random variable with n = 5, p = .3 and q = .7. ,a. Write the binomial formula for this situation and list the possible values of x. ,b. For each value of x, calculate p(x), and graph the binomial distribution. ,c. Find . p(x – 3). ,d. Find . p(x ? 3).,e. Find . p(x f. Find . p(x ? 3).,g. Find. p(x > 3).,h. Use the probabilities you computed in part b to calculate the mean, , the variance, , and the standard deviation, , of this binomial distribution. Show that the formulas for µx ?2x and ?x, given in this section give the same results. ,i. Calculate the interval [? ( 2?x]. Use the probabilities of part b to find the probability that x will be in this interval.

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