Before purchasing videoconferencing equipment, a company ran tests of its current internal computer network. The goal of the tests was to measure how rapidly data moved through the network given the current demand on the network. Eighty files ranging in size from 20 to 100 megabytes (MB) were transmitted over the network at various times of day, and the time to send the files recorded. Formulate the SRM with Y given by Transfer Time and X given by File Size.,(a) Is the correlation between file size and transfer time significantly different from zero?,(b) Estimate the average “setup” time to start the file transfer. This time is used to synchronize the computers making the transfer and is unrelated to file size. Provide an interval suitable for presenting.,(c) To speed transfers, the company introduced compression software that halves the size of a file when sent over the network. On average, what is the improvement in time when sending a 50-MB file? State your answer as a range.

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