Based on an online survey done by Symantec Corp., a large Internet security technology company, the company reported that seniors (aged 65 years or older) are the most spam savvy online demographic group and are less likely than other age groups to fall victim to email scams. (“Spam” is the common term for unsolicited emails.) One question in the survey asked whether the email user has ever clicked on a link in an unsolicited email to get more information. Thirty-three percent of the 18to25 sample said they had, while 23 percent of 65andolder sample said they had (source: Can these sample results be used to reject a “no difference in population proportions” null hypothesis for the two populations represented? Use a significance level of 1%. Assume sample sizes were 750 email users ages.,18 to 25 and 250 email users ages 65 and older. Report and explain your decision.

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