Based on 25 years of annual data, an attempt was made to explain savings in India. The model fitted was as follows:,y = ?0 + ?1×1 + ?2×2 + ?,where,y = change in real deposit rate,x1 = change in real per capita income,x2 = change in real interest rate,The least squares parameter estimates (with standard errors in parentheses) were (Ghatak and Deadman 1989) as follows:,b1 = 0.097410.02152 b2 = 0.37410.2092,The adjusted coefficient of determination was as follows:,R-bar2 = .91,a. Find and interpret a 99% confidence interval for ?1.,b. Test, against the alternative that it is positive, the null hypothesis that ?2 is 0.,c. Find the coefficient of determination.,d. Test the null hypothesis that ?1 = ?2 = 0.,e. Find and interpret the coefficient of multiple correlation.

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