100The MBA program at a large university is facing a pleasant problem—too many applicants. The current admissions policy requires students to have completed at least 3 years of work experience and an undergraduate degree with a B-average or better. Until 3 years ago, the school admitted any applicant who met these requirements. However, because the program recently converted from a 2-year program (four semesters) to a 1-year program (three semesters), the number of applicants has increased substantially. The dean, who teaches statistics courses, wants to raise the admissions standards by developing a method that more accurately predicts how well an applicant will perform in the MBA program. She believes that the primary determinants of success are the following:,Undergraduate grade point average (GPA),Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) score,Number of years of work experience ,She randomly sampled students who completed the ,MBA and recorded their MBA program GPA, as well as the three variables listed here.,a. Develop a multiple regression model.,b. Test the model’s validity.,c. Test to determine which of the independent variables is linearly related to MBA GPA.

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