Choose either your textbook readings or assigned group articles and respond as follows:

Jacobs, Masson, & Harvil: (Ch. 7, 12, 16)

Brown, N (2009).Counterproductive group member behaviors, Becoming an effective group leader. Pearson.

Stockton, R., Morran, D.K., & Nitza, A. G. (2000). Processing group events: A conceptual map  for leaders. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 25, 343-355.

Connections: How do the textbook readings or article readings connect to what you have already learned in class or to your experiences prior to this class?

Challenges: How do the readings or articles challenge your thinking or beliefs?  What new ideas extend or broaden your thinking in new directions?

Concepts: Identify the top 3-5 key concepts that are important to remember from your readings this week.  Please define each concept.   

Changes: What changes in your attitudes, thinking, or action would you need to make to apply what is suggested in your readings?

Professor comments on last assignment “I wish that you elaborated a little more on your thinking related to your reading.” Please she wants you to elaborate more..


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