ONLY NEED TO DO QUESTION 5) A,B & C AND Q6) A NOTES FROM MY TUTOR Q 5, a, I need more information than what you have provided regarding the facts, exactly what was Mrs K doing when she got hurt. You have not given me sufficient detail at present. Further, why did Mrs K commence these proceedings at VCAT & how did the case get to the Supreme Court? Q 5 b, a significant issue in the case was whether the driver of the bus was actually driving the bus at this time. Tell me what were the legal arguments of both the lawyer for Mrs K & also the TAC. Q 5 c, your comments here do not advise me as to your understanding of the decision made by the court. Was the appeal successful or not and what were the reasons? Q 6 a your response has been improved but I need you to actually identify what you see as the purpose of the legislation as determined by Parliament when assessing what Sir Ben Small was doing & whether you think that the intention of parliament was to prosecute people like Sir Ben in these circumstances. I have attached my assignment please add more information, for Q5 Please research the case of “Koutroulis v Transport Accident Commission [2011] VSC 159 (28 April 2011) You will be able to locate this case using Austlii. only read paragraphs 1 – 16 and paragraphs 36 – 41 of the judgement 

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