Overview In this assignment, you review various aspects of the correctional system by comparing and contrasting different sanctions as well as the history of punishment.  

 Objectives 1. Compare/Contrast the differences between probation and parole (I, IX) 2. Analyze the different types of sanctions that apply to a case (IX) 4. Describe major issues that prisons/prisoners face today (IX) 

 Instructions For this assignment, write a sentencing report that compares and contrasts the different sentencing options for the offenders in the module’s interactive Exploration based upon readings in the textbook and outside research. The report should include the following: 

 1. overview of the different sanctions in the textbook 

2. your opinion on which option would work best for the offender (please be specific) 

3. research on the success rates in relation to our case 

4. future issues facing our offender and how the system can reduce recidivism for our offender 

 2 – 4 pages 1 inch margins 

11 pt. Times New Roman Font 

Double spaced  Well-written with proper grammar, punctuation, etc. 

 APA Style; referencing and citations 

Refer to the CRJ Resources webpage for research sources, as well as help in developing your intext citations and references. 

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