Introduction: Students will use what they have read about in the Risk Benefit Assessment articles above and Chapters 6 and 12 to design a preschool playground and do a Risk Assessment. 

The Assignment:

Students will design a preschool playground and write a Risk Assessment on the playground they design. Students will provide a visual design/diagram of the layout of the playground using Microsoft Word (smart shapes or clip art) or draw freehand, scan and attach. Items in the playground are to be labeled. Students will also provide a list in of all playground equipment and items needed. Use of natural elements in the design of the space is encouraged. Students should utilize what they have learned about playground design and function in Chapter 12 of their textbook to complete this assignment. You must also write a Risk Benefit Assessment summary of your playground and how you have avoided all of the potential risks associated with a playground and the equipment you have chosen to place on it.

Grading Criteria
The assignment is worth 100 points.
Maximum points are given when:
– The assignment is completed in Word and attached to the assignment dropbox.
– The assignment is submitted using complete and well-detailed sentences.
– All directions for content are followed.
– The assignment contains no spelling or major grammatical errors.
Blackboard EDU 157 Course

Outside sources found by students as needed (please read FTCC plagiarism policy)
If need access to book let me know!

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