Job description and education/training plan As a chief officer, part of your role and responsibility could be hiring new staff for your station. For this assignment, you are to create a job description and an education/training plan for a new deputy chief’s position within the University City Fire/Rescue Department. Your job description must identify the position within the bureau, responsibilities of the position, including span of control. Next, explain the training and higher education requirements for this position’s line of work. Your education/training plan must also correlate data towards trending and future planning. Your job description and education/training plan must each be a total of at least one page in length and combined into one file with each being on separate pages. You should reference your University City Fire/Rescue Department information document, which was used in both Unit I and II Assignments, to assist you on this assignment. You may refer to this unit’s required reading to guide you with the information needing for each of these plans. Also, there is not a specific format to follow when creating these. If you need assistance, your instructor is available to assist you. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. 

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