The topic for this unit was the classification of carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

For this assignment, pick a group 1 carcinogen from the IARC. Find at least five peer-reviewed journal articles that

support the relationship between the carcinogen and the cancer that it causes. Some suggested topics might be

 benzene and leukemia,

 crystalline silica dust and lung cancer, or

 vinyl chloride and liver cancer.

The Business Source Complete database is a good source of journals for safety-related articles from the CSU Online


The Literature Review must include the following components:

 an introduction of your topic of choice (include some background information on the origins of exposure and


 the methods used to search for the articles,

 the results of the articles,

 a discussion and conclusion with your own opinion, and.

 APA references and in-text citations for the article.

The literature review must be three to four pages in length and follow APA formatting

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