SCI 256 Week 5 Environmental Analysis Presentation 


University of Phoenix


Environmental Choices and Policies


Perform  an analysis of an environmental issue.

Prepare  a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft ®  PowerPoint ®  presentation with detailed speaker notes. Include the following: • Select an environmental issue from any issues discussed in this class. • Describe the issue. • Identify the relative local, regional, national, or global policies addressing your issue. • Describe how the policies intend to address the issue. • Discuss the effectiveness, positive and negative, of any policies concerning the issue to include the following: • Challenges to policy implementation • Public opinion • Effects on individuals

Include  no less than one outside resource per team member.

Format  your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. • For Local Campus students, these are 15- to 20-minute oral presentations accompanied by Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations. • For Online and Directed Study students, these are Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with notes.


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