Please write a comparative description on organic, biodynamic and conventional agricultural practices. The description should have a word count of approximately 750 words. Please be sure to consider the assessment criteria. Using the planting calendar, make a list of the vegetables you would plant for the month of March in accordance with cosmic rhythms. You will be assessed according to the following criteria: LEARNING OUTCOME ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 1. To delineate the main differences between Biodynamics and other agricultural practices 1.1 The consequences of the quality of farming on the quality of nutrition are clearly outlined. 1.2 The view of the earth as an organism within the solar system is discussed. 1.3 Familiarity with astronomical and astrological ephemerides and calendars is evident. 3. Plan agricultural work in accordance with cosmic rhythms 3.1 Understanding of basic astronomical concepts is evident 3.2 The biodynamic planting calendar is correctly used 3.3 The special conditions in the southern hemisphere are considered.

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