Though we have some established facts about the “what” of the Iraq war (how many U.S. soldiers were killed, how much money was allocated to the war, how military operations were conducted, how many Iraqi were reportedly killed or displaced, etc.), we continue to debate the REAL “WHY” of the Iraq war: whether the United States invaded Iraq to (1) search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, (2) spread democracy into Iraq, (3) control Iraqi oil, (4) protect Israel from Iraq, (5) protect Arab Gulf states from Iraq (6) destroy an ally of Al-Qaeda, or (7) achieve other objectives. Based on a careful review and synthesis of Topic 5 readings/PowerPoint slides/videos, write a 100 to 150 word-essay in which you discuss what is the SINGLE MOST important factor/force that appears to have embroiled the United States into the Iraq war? Who in the United States should be held accountable for this war? Should the Iraqi people be compensated for the loss of millions killed or injured or displaced? What should be done to avoid future embroilment of the United States into unnecessary wars (wars of choice)

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