To work on your written communication skills and the ability to synthesize information from technical resources based on an Environmental topic.

You will find an article in a periodical (magazine, newspaper, or online  news) but not a peer-reviewed article that discusses some environmental problem, solution, or new findings from March 2015 to current.
You will do three blog  posts each covering a different area of environmental engineering: water, soil, air.
You should more than summarize the article go beyond this for example, discuss commentary, application to the environmental engineering field, effects, causes, legislation, broader impacts to society, your opinion supported by literature, etc..

The blog  needs to be 500 words and use correct grammar, syntax, and punctuation. After you post your blog  you must comment on two other students’ blogs .  The response blog  post should be 250 words and use correct grammar, syntax, and punctuation. You can see the rubric to know how you will be graded.


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