You are required to prepare a 4-6 page paper in which you do the following:


1. Define the following terms in relation to combustible liquids:

–          Flashpoint

–          Boiling point

–          Flammable liquids

–          Portable tank

–          Pressure vessel

–          A container


2. What are the common types of storage substances? Give examples.


3. What are the requirements for storage facilities? What are the NFPA standards for storage, transport, and use of various substances? Define the mandatory requirements/standards for storage tanks (underground and surface tanks) and give examples of storage tanks for both categories.


4. Identify the most common types of hazards and suggest possible security measures to guard against the hazards. Identify a case study in which there were significant losses/damages due to fire breakout. Be sure to mention the cause of the fire. What are the key lessons learned from the case study?


5. What are the general use and storage considerations for handling flammable substances? Give your final conclusion and recommendations for safe handling of flammable substances.


1533 Words

4 Sources

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