In an essay of at least 500 words , write to the mayor explaining your reasoning behind your opposition to the landfill coming to your community.


As part of the process of potentially bringing Heaping Hills landfill to your community, the mayor has asked that any concerned citizens write letters explaining their concern to him and the town council. You happen to a concerned citizen and are adamantly opposed to a landfill coming to your community, thus prompting you to take the mayor up on his recommendation.


 Be sure the following questions are answered:

 An introduction stating your foundation as to why a landfill coming to your community will be harmful, instead of beneficial,

 A minimum of five disadvantages to bringing the landfill to Williamsville,

 A report of at least three major issues that have come from landfills within the United States and how they affected the communities they were in or near, and

 A conclusion summing up your points and finalizing your stance on wanting to prevent the landfill.


Your essay should be written in 12 point, Times New Roman font, and should be double spaced. Any sources used should be cited in APA format.

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