Helpful Hints: You’ll be using the same “Q&A” process each week, for that current week’s readings. Download and save the instructions file to your computer, print it and staple it to the syllabus and schedule, and bookmark it on all your browsers. Before you post your work, double-check it against the checklist at the end of the assignment file. 

 Helpful Hints: As soon as you download the upcoming Module’s required readings file, click on the links and bookmark them on your browsers. Schedule sufficient time to read, take notes on, and write about all of the readings (for Q&A Part A) and sufficient time to research and write about the question you select (for Q&A Part B) Please don’t cut it close! Remember, “DUE BY” dates are NOT “START ON” dates! They are the dates after which an assignment will not be accepted for credit. Most assignments in this course cannot be done well in one day, so start them by Monday or Tuesday if they are due by Wednesday or Friday. 

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