Due DATE March 30th 

Enviromental Science Case Study 


Lecture :  http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/files/wetlands_value.pdf



How many acres is Norman and Cathy’s farm? Is their farm a big farm by today’s standards?

What are some of the challenges facing small farms? Why do farms have to get bigger?

Why can’t Norman just buy more land?

Aside from water, what else do wetlands have?

Why is Norman worried?

What is he thinking of doing? What bene t to Norman is there in draining a wetland?

Does Angela know anything about wetlands? How do you know?

Why does Ducks Unlimited Canada protect wetlands? What do they do to protect wetlands?

What does Angela mean by “show them the money”?

List some of the environmental, social and economic issues of this case. 


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