Health Effects of Chemical and Radioactive Accidents

Searching through your local news resources, you find that harmful chemical and radioactive events occur on a regular basis. Through this week’s Discussion, you explore various events, and assess which was the most impactful.

To prepare for this Discussion, read Chapters 7 and 8 and the required articles and websites. Review the PowerPoint presentations in your Learning Resources. If you choose, review the optional resources which have been chosen to highlight exciting activities in public health. Research recent and historic chemical and radiation catastrophes and think about their impact on human health.

By Day 4, post a brief description of a recent or historical chemical or radioactive catastrophe and its impact on human health. Include in your description how that event or its outcomes affected you, your state, the nation, and/or the world. Then, provide an explanation on how the event might have been prevented. Make sure to include examples and a rationale to support your conclusion.


*APA Style but no cover sheet needed 

one or one &1/2 pages

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