Unit 5



Part 1 How can sound science and the scientific method be used to help evaluate and solve an environmental issue? Give 1 specific example. How do people who are not scientists evaluate the claims and different positions taken in debates about environmental issues? Give 1 specific example. How might the term  sound science   be misused or misunderstood? Give 1 example, and explain.

Part 2

Read the following 2 articles in the Web Resources about the debate about global warming: Global Warming Pro: U.S. Global Change Research Program:   Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States . Global Warming Con: Heartland Institute:   Climate Change Reconsidered: 2011 Interim Report .

Do you think that global warming is a credible threat or not? Explain your position based on what you read in the 2 summary articles. Use specific facts to defend your position.



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