6.1 Runescape epic Black Hand Video: 3 moonkin help reduce the difficulty Abstract: Blackhand video epic Runescape 6.1, 3 cuckoo help reduce the difficulty, with a look. I had wanted to write about the experience of playing so many to have been mechanized, feeling nothing special to note the place. WST have to say that this version is too IMBA, if our classmate Zhao day early days of the FQ change WST, we can estimate a few days earlier. RE WST day thanks temporary wall of milk D sister paper – mint, Darkscape Gold Diao Diao da, it is powerful. There maximize P2 outbreak on the table to open extraordinary, the audience angry brush rubbing extraordinary CD, incarnation good open out directly in the table, convenient P3 open the heroic (Haemophilus) when. On the table a sight sure enough, good face cleared her 15-16, 20-21 black spots face layer, there is no pressure. Sunlight does not need to throw anything on the table, ah, ah this kind of brute force punching skills. P3 Enhancing then circle, you can wait for the achievements of the ~ P3 3  Cuckoo’s natural guardian with the opening is still very violent. Goo Goo another 3 and 2 dozen black hand is two difficulty. I hope you fall down early black hands, ROLL to mount.

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