For this report, we will not follow “official” EA format. Rather, you will use the very abbreviated format provided to address a specific GLOBAL environmental issue (the issue does NOT have to be “global” in scope, just somewhere on the planet!). The purpose of this report is to provide the reader with some general background information about the environmental issue of concern (Introduction section), a specific description and information about the issue (Issue of Concern section), THREE alternative solutions to address the issue (Proposed Solutions section), a favored solution (Preferred Solution section), and your ethical reasoning for selecting that solution (Ethical Considerations section). The “Introduction” and “Issue of Concern” sections should fit on the first two pages of the report. The “Proposed Solutions” and “Ethical Considerations” sections should fit onto the third and fourth pages. The “Literature Cited” section should be placed on the fifth page. This document in NOT to exceed FIVE pages of text and ONE page of cited sources (a TOTAL of SIX pages).


Provide SPECIFIC information from TWO or THREE ADDITIONAL reputable published sources regarding your issue, and make sure they are properly cited. This section can be ONE or TWO well-written paragraphs.

Let me provide you with a brief example of an environmental issue in the Southwest US and some example solutions.


You will present THREE proposed solutions to your environmental issue below. They should each be one paragraph in length and contain YOUR ideas for how to address the issue. They need not be totally different from one another, but each one should have a different main solution for the issue. DO NOT favor a solution in this section; you will present your favored solution in the “Preferred Solution” below.


APA format and appears in the Literature Cited section.

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