i want a page about the project idea


and i want 2 pages about the first updates









Choice of Project:


Y ou are in the best position to determine your choices of a project, as you are most familiar with your current situation. Every student’s choice will be uniquely different. Past projects have been very diverse, some have been undertaken at a current work-site, some were done for school districts; others have been done for nonprofit organizations. Some have involved business startups, others solving existing problems. Some have involved designing web pages and web sites, others developing organizational solutions. Think of things that can showcase the range of your abilities.








All progress updates need to be written in MS Word or equivalent. The content needs to be brief and to the point, but complete. Be proactive in your writing, do not write about what you didn’t get done with excuses, but rather what you will be doing and how you are going to insure that it does get done .



 Progress Update 1: Initial general project ideas or possibilities; steps that you will be taking to investigate and discuss the project goals and objectives with the company or organization or steps that you will be taking to find a company or organization; what steps are you going to be doing next.




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