Assignment: You are to complete a research report on an environmental issue of your choice. Your goal is to learn more about an environmental issue we face today and explore the severity and extent of the issue’s effect on us and the environment. Once explored, you are to discuss what is currently being done to deal with the issue and to provide ideas and things that can (and should be done) to help reduce damage to help preserve human life and the environment. Expected length for the research report is 3 pages, singled spaced.

Be sure to discuss the issue, its effects, and what should be done to resolve the issue and reduce or neutralize its effects. Cite your sources!

Research Report format: Each page must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman or similar typeface, 1” margins on all sides, singled-spaced . Please remember to correct misspellings and grammatical errors. In the center of the first page, place the title of your report (it should be named appropriately, related to the topic you are going to discuss), class title (TECH 454 – Environmental Engineering), your name, and the date. That will serve as a title page. Following the title page should be your report. The very last page of your report should have a list of references used. Each student is responsible for doing their own research report.

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