Course Textbook APA Citation:


Kroemer, K., Kroemer, H., & Kroemer-Elbert, K. (2001). Ergonomics: How to design for ease and efficiency (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


Unit 4 Article Critique

The Article Critique assignment for this class is to investigate a peer-reviewed, professional journal in the field of ergonomics for an article of interest to you. The object of your critique is to describe how the study followed, or failed to follow, the criteria for good research. Speculate on which of the writer’s conclusions were warranted and which were not. Please include the following topics in your critique of the selected article:

·        A brief introduction of the article

·        A statement of the research problem

·        A description of research procedures

·        Flaws in the procedural design  

·        Analysis of the data

·        Limited and justifiable conclusions



The article you select for this assignment should not be more than two years old  and must be a peer-reviewed publication. Generally, a statement regarding peer review can be found in the introductory pages of a professional journal. Your article critique must be a well-organized and thoughtful paper, three to five pages in length, title page and reference page are not included in the required paper length,


The University requires that students use the APA style for papers and projects. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.

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