Research essay on climate change

What is an annotated bibliography, then? It is a list of sources you have consulted along with one or two paragraphs of text for each source summarizing the source and discussing how it is relevant to your upcoming paper. Your discussion of the relevance of the source to your paper should include an evaluation of the source. Do you agree with what the source is saying? Or are you going to use this particular source as a source for objections to the arguments you make to support your thesis?

You are required to list at least ten academic sources in your annotated bibliography.


i have 7 sources you can use. i need some of them but doesnt have to be all as well as other sources you can find because i need a total of 10.


1.     Marland, G. T.A. Bonden, and R.J. Andres. 2007. “Global, Regional, AND National CO2 Emissions.”

2.     Fisher, B.S., et al. “Ch.3: Issues related to mitigation in the long term context”

3.     Meehl, G.A., et al. “Ch. 10: Global Climate Projections’’

4.     U.S Climate Change Science Program and the Subcommittee on Global Climate Change Research (January 2009). Granger, M et al. “Best Practice Approaches for Characterizing, Communicating and Incorporating Scientific Uncertainty in Decision Making”

5.     Issues in Science and Technology Online; “Promoting Low Energy Electricity Production”

6.     Romm, Joe (19 June 2008). “Cleaning up on Carbon”. Nature Reports Climate Change.

7.     Amory Lovins  (March-April 2012) “A farewell to fossil fuels”. Foreign Affairs.


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