The assignment will be graded upon form (punctuation, grammar) and content (understanding of material, deep reflection).  

If a resource (ex. reference to text) is used, MLA style is required   (including works cited). 

 The journal assignment should be approximately 1 page double spaced in length.

First, watch:

Second, according to the Soul Pancake film, showing gratitude can increase our happiness.  This week show gratitude to someone who is (has been) important in your life and has influenced you in a positive way.  Express your gratitude in person or over the phone, if at all possible.  You may want to write how the person has influenced you and why they are important in your life prior to speaking with them.  If you need to read what you wrote instead of speaking it extemporaneously, that’s ok.

For the journal, How did you prepare for this experience? Paraphrase what you said to the person. Note how you felt before and after the experience.  How did the person react?  What, if any, do you think is the benefit of expressing gratitude?  Will this experience influence your behavior at all?  Feel free to write anything else you deem important.

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