What are five components of an effective industrial hygiene program?Explain why it is important to determine whether training can solve a safety problem.Why is it important to have a written procedure for sampling methods?List three examples of what a certified industrial hygienist can do to earn certification maintenance points.List three examples of the types of health and safety activities that might be performed by Occupational Health and Safety Technologists.What are some important questions found on an occupational health history form? Why are they important?Describe the 5 steps of a Risk Management Program.How can health and safety committees and employee suggestion boxes assist with the implementation of industrial hygiene programs?Describe at least 2 benefits of an industrial hygiene program?There is no regulatory requirement to have a written industrial hygiene program. Present your case to your employer or prospective employer as to why your company should develop and implement a written comprehensive industrial hygiene program. Your response should be a minimum of 400 words.

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