Imagine that you are a newly hired  environmental manager at a facility producing several streams of pretty nasty hazardous wastes (toxic, corrosive, ignitable) . This is a three shift operation that produces a wide variety of household cleaning chemicals and products. There are approximately 300 employees with the predominant number on the first shift, but the second and third shift are very productive.  


The facility does not currently have an in-house Hazardous Materials Team. Would you consider setting up a HazMat  Team? Tell us why, or why not. What types of hurdles might you need to overcome.

Here is pertinent fact to consider…the facility has a very good record of only minor spills over the last few years; but, they just six weeks ago they released about 7,500 gallons of sodium hydroxide from a crack in the bottom of a newly installed outside raw material storage tank. The NaOH  leaked into the outside tank farm then leaked from a crack in the caulking on the floor of the tank farm. That led to a small, and fairly insignificant, industrial creek that eventually flows to a small, and equally insignificant stream about 2 miles away. (Insignificant yes….but the “stuff” still got out)


Interesting set-up isn’t it…this might give you some insight into why you were “newly hired”.


APA format and at least 150 words 

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