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could you help me answering part 3 for the same case we had done and same qouestion?? 


Part#3 which is 



1. Look over all your questions. See if any questions are repetitive and can be put

together into one question. Next, pick out your FIVE TOP questions, the ones that are

most important or interesting to you for some reason.

2. Write a paragraph for each of your five top questions about WHY that question is

important to you. I won’t grade on whether I agree with you, I will grade on whether I

understand what you are saying and whether your writing communicates that you

have carefully considered your values and interests. So, spend the time to think and

write clearly. Also, be†sure†that†your†question†is†scrutable†and†worthy†of†a

research†project. That is, they should be questions that can be investigated. [[NOT:

“Why would the creator have done this?” or “What is the Latin name for ‘tomato’?”]]

3. Identify your ONE TOP question, the one that is most interesting or important to you,

that you would like to investigate further.



I need it within 4 Hours from now plz 

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