ARTICLE LENGTH 1 PAGE  Article # 1   is actually a letter submitted to the journal of Epidemiology and Community Health in a 1999 issue what focused on the contemporary problems with epidemiological studies. This letter serves as an ideal segue into the content of that month’s journal. Read over the brief letter, do not be intimidated by the nature of the study or the scientific lingo and just hone in on the point being addressed. The question for article #1:- 

In about ONE PAGE, 

-describe the argument Paolo Vineis is trying to make in his letter.


   ARTICLE LENGTH  6 PAGES Article # 2 it brings up some alarming finding with regards to scientific research, by inference, epidemiology, and the scientific method. It relates in some ways to the first article, but hints at more systematic concerns.  The question for article #1:-    


-merely summarize your impressions, your take out, so to speak, on what the neuroscientist, Jonah Lehrer is trying to pass along. Insert your own editorializing. Write about what you think and how you process this information than offering a CliffNotes version of this article.


– If you had all the money and resources at your disposal, describe briefly an epidemiological study you would love to tackle. Let me know your study design, risks, outcomes, the population, measurements, data collected and anything else that pertains to your planned study.

Total is two Pages

The Two Article are attached

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