1.     Identify a Health, Human or Ecological Topic for Analysis.

Topic: environmental pollution

2.     Describe the topic and how it relates to “A survey of the impact of physical, social, and biological environments on health related issues such as population & poverty, environmental degradation, radiation and pesticide exposure, food quality, noise, air and water resources and their relation to human settlements.” 

3.     Analyze the Decision-Making Process (Human) or the Environmental (Ecological) application that is used for your topic

4.     What is the reason for your interest or analysis?

5.     What changes or recommendations should be made?

6.     Would you try to influence your area of interest? Why or why not? How?



Note: The 6-8 page paper must be typed (12 point font), with separate reference (scholarly using MLA, APA or Scientific) and title page.



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