Culture Food Presentation
Online Course


What we believe and value, how we behave and how we view  ourselves and others  are strongly influenced by the culture in which we live.


For this assignment, you will first chose a culture in which you are NOT a part of. (You could have visited this culture  on a vacation , but it can not be your own.) You will give a 5 minute presentation about the culture including:


Identify  the culture

Share 2-3 main  communication differences that the culture holds which our cultures does  not. (Review Section 2 of Chapter 2. You could compare and contrast examples such as individualistic vs. collectivistic, high context vs. low context, high power distance vs. low power  distance ,  masculine vs. feminine,  monochronic  vs. polychromic, levels of uncertainty avoidance and communication codes.)

What kinds of information or resources would you need in order to understand or accept the values of this culture that are different from your own?

Share a food item from this culture, explain and give the significance of the food item (Is it traditional? Used daily? Grown in the cultural region?)  You may want to share the ingredients, how it was prepared and etc.  (In the video presentation, actually show us your completed dish)


Note:  This assignment will require that you use outside resources.  All sources  that you use must be cited ALOUD in your presentation .  “This information I found  on…..” , “This information came from…..”, etc.  As well as a Works Cited Page in MLA Format must be submitted to the  Dropbox.



Grading Rubric:


5   Research regarding the culture (identification, values)

5 Overall understanding of the challenges presen ted with cultural communication
2.5   Explanation of the food dish
2. 5  Prepared  food dish to share with class

5   Use of outside resources/MLA Works Cited Page /Cited sources in presentation

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