After developing a case definition, the epidemiologists used a computer software program to analyze the questionnaires (which were completed by the children in the sixth grade classes). 

Confirmed Case: Salmonella isolated from stool specimen.

Suspect Case: Individual with diarrhea and fever OR diarrhea and vomiting.

Non-Case: Individual who is not a “confirmed” or “suspect” case.

Your task:

The school principal is asking you some questions regarding the results of the outbreak analysis.  Respond to her questions below.

1.) How many individuals had a stool specimen that were positive for Salmonella?

2.) Describe the epidemic curve. What did it indicate?  Do you think it was a common source or propagated epidemic?  Explain.

3.) On average, how many hours elapsed between when students were exposed and when they got sick?

For your understanding, you need to review the case definition and then examine the frequency of cases. For common sources, incubation period and range, please review the information in the module homepage.


Click here to view the results of their descriptive analysis.

see hereDescriptive Epidemiology   

Descriptive Data

  NUMBERPERCENTConfirmed Cases88%Suspect Cases3232%Non-Cases6060%TOTAL100100%



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