Match each of the four principal approaches to hazard control and avoidance to an example of that approach.

Hazards that are physically feasible, but economically infeasible to correct

Hazards that are physically infeasible to correct

Hazards that are physically and economically feasible to correct.





General fail-safe principle

Fail-safe principle of redundancy

Principle of worst caseAnswer A.

An enclosure is built around a noise source.B.

Exposure to radiation during x-ray proceduresC.

In flying cross country in a small single engine airplane, a pilot must constantly monitor the terrain below seeking suitable landing area in case of an emergency.D.

Flood protection offered by elevating house in flood prone areasE.

A special parking space is reserved for the employee selected as “Safe Employee of the Month.”F.

Before taking off in an airplane, the pilot must perform a pre-takeoff inspection (FMEA).G.

The engine in a small Cessna single engine airplane has an engine with two sparkplugs per cylinder. Each plug is energized by a separate ignition system.H.

The “deadman switch” on a subway train – the train will come to a stop if the engineer’s foot is removed from the switch.I.

Home fire protection offered by the installation of smoke detectorsJ.

OSHA issues rules for handling hazardous materials along with a list of penalties if the rules are not followed.


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