I have rading plog for class invironment and the instructor asked to give feed back and discuss with other class mates at least 3 and here is the 3 blogs that i need to get discuss with and give feed back. from 150 word to 250 max for each.



1- I think the transportation and factories are the most dangerous sources of air and water pollution. Both of them produced  lots of the carbon dioxide and another gases which negatively effect the humans’ environment. There are many solutions that could reduce the pollution such as alternative fuel. However, the electrical energy is one of the cleanest sources of power on the earth. Moreover, it does not bother the environment at all, and it has many sources to get it from such as wind and water. The turbin it something helps you to change the wind energy to electrical energy, which you can save its power in a batteries to use it whenever you want. In my opinion, using the electrical energy is the best way to reduce the pollution which issued from the transportation and factories instead of the fuel.


2-I want to propose a law for Electronic & Nuclear Waste. This kind of wastes can source massive pollution and numerous health problems. Developed countries discard millions of electronic products like; monitors laptops, TV sets and mobile  phones   annually and discarded into third world countries. The healing of these products in the developing nations can outcome in the discharge of harmful materials such as lead, mercury, heavy metals and numerous other toxic stuff. This will damage the employees working with it. Radioactive and other wastes are the current environmental threats due to technological advancements. The discarding of nuclear wastes from the reactors creates foremost hazard to the environment. Radioactive/ Nuclear wastes e.g. Plutonium-239 are very hazardous when discharge in the environment, similar to isotopes. At present 31 countries having nuclear reactors and think where they dump their waste and what happens after that?



Since I am living in a big city back home, in my opinion traffic jam is one of the most dangerous pollution beside water pollution which harming and threatening our lives. Because it will Spreads in the air that people breathing and confining inside their lung. In my opinion the solution would be for governments to build more tollbooths on it’s crowded roads, the cost of passing through these tollbooths will significantly decrease whit more people in the car up to a point where it becomes free.

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