Perform a critical reading of Linda Hogan’s The Woman Who Watches Over the World. follow the attachment thouroghly and the appaer should be based under the them of healing.

Essay Assignment #1:

Perform a critical reading of Linda Hogan’s The Woman Who Watches Over the World. In particular, select one of the following themes in her memoir, and write an analysis of how it figures into her exploration of her identity as a Native American woman. In what ways does it matter to her sense of self as an individual, both in terms of her family history and in terms of her cultural history.? (Remember that, for Hogan, her personal identity is deeply informed by her cultural identity.)

brokenness water
healing language/the absence of language (silence, silences)
memory pain
the land family
the nonhuman story/stories
history alcohol
alienation loss

It’s possible that in your discussion of your selected theme, other themes may come into play. 1) For example, in exploring the importance of her cultural history, her family history may play a major role in your discussion. 2) Or, in exploring the importance of the land and the nonhuman to Hogan’s sense of self, the theme of loss may figure into what has happened to the integrity of the land and the respect for the nonhuman. What are those losses, and what is their importance to Hogan? Could one say that Hogan would never have been able to find her way to an authentic sense of self without them? 3) Or, you could perhaps select the important figure of the horse—both as an individual and as an animal—and perform a reading of the various functions (odious word!) the horse fulfills in Hogan’s journey to an authentic self, in terms of her own experience of emotional incapacitation, on many levels, throughout her life.

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