Each student will write one blog entry/news article (around 300-500 words) for our Environmental Science News blog (not a real blog). The blog entry should provide a synopsis of a report from recent news (within 6 months) relating to current issues or frontiers in environmental science. The blogs will be posted to a discussion board. This will provide a forum to connect the class to contemporary and real-world issues concerning society and the environment. The blog post should model a regular blog post or news article, include a captivating (1) title and image, (2) synopsis, and (3) reaction. You can include your own opinion but I also expect clear, factual summarization of the issue presented. You can use one or multiple sources, but there must be a primary source. Provide the link to your article(s) and the date it was posted. For news sources, you are not restricted to certain outlets but I encourage you to check the credibility of your news source. Avoid fake or unreliable, fringe news sources. Make sure you are not using the same article someone else has already used. 

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