On March 30, 2011, the White House released Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8 to further enhance national preparedness for the United States. Subsequent updates have been added to the directive to further enhance national preparedness. This policy is organized around the following six elements:


  1. National Preparedness Goal


2. National Preparedness System


3. National Preparedness Report


4. National Preparedness Frameworks


5. Federal Interagency Operational Plans


6. Build and Sustain Preparedness  


The assignment is to create a PowerPoint Presentation of the six elements of the Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8.    


PowerPoint Presentation format:  


 title slide,  introduction slide,  body (8 slides),  conclusion slide, and  reference slide.


A voice-over will accompany each slide except the reference page slide. Hint: Use the notes section in the PowerPoint to insert the text for the voice-over.


Only looking for original, unplagiarized work, if you cannot commit to that please do not ask.


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