The objective of the project is to investigate long term changes (at least several- month long) in stream flow patterns due to precipitation in a particular watershed.  analyze a different watershed for which stream flow data and precipitation data are available for the specific period, and present results in a written paper. Watersheds and time periods of analysis should be selected to answer a question about changes in stream flows in response to changes in crop production practices or urbanization or IDF curve development.  The paper will includeAn abstract (overview of your work and conclusion)An introduction (that will provide a statement of objective and justification for the watershed and time period selected)Descriptive information on the watershed (size, location, land cover) and data sourcesHydrological analysis of this watershed (real precipitation and flow data for the specific watershed must be presented, and this part must include detailed calculation between precipitation and runoff flow).Results, discussion of results, including discussion of scientific articles that provide relevant explanation for any of the patterns observed. References (including all citations you used in your report)

The paper should be about 12 pages (Time new roman, 12) in length. 

Grading Standards:The written report will be double-spaced. The first part should concisely describe the nature of the problem that will be addressed. Components of ProjectWell-organized structureAbstractIntroduction

                                               i.       Statement of objective

                                             ii.     Justification of the watershed you selected

                                            iii.     Literature review of hydrologic analysis of the watershed

                                            iv.     Quality of writingDescriptive information on the watershed (size, location, land cover, show a decent geographical map, and data sourcesHydrological analysis of this watershed

                                               i.     Real precipitation and flow data in a table for the specific watershed

                                             ii.     Detailed calculation of precipitation, runoff flow and other hydrological processes (e.g., IDF curve development).Results and Conclusions

                                               i.     Results analysis of your calculation including some figures such as hydrograph hyetograph , IDF curves (for design concerns) etc.

                                             ii.     Show your conclusion based on your analysis


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