It is due within 3  hourse from now.

Sat 13th, 2016 ( 10:00 pm Pacific Time Zone )


Due today Saturday 05:00 pm (Pacific zone).




Read carefully and DO NOT open a chat window . Send me a request please in this fourm . Thank you


Write a brief description about a weekly environmental event. This can be a weather event, release of new research findings, environmental monitoring or measurement results, or other type of activity specifically related to: Earth science: Environmental studies. From 01/01/2016.


There is a sample in the attachment, PLEASE do the same!

 The description will be a short paragraph, about 5-7 sentences  long, that:

(1) Describes  the event,

(2) Explains  why it caught your attention , and

(3) Explains  how it relates to course content .  (See the attachement please)   There are ONE ppt YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT .



Just to help you understand the course and how to write:


 The course provides you with a basic understanding of the Earth’s physical environment, including such major elements as the solar electromagnetic radiation that heats the planet and moves gases and liquids over the planet surface, and the flow of heat from the Earth’s interior that shows up in short-term features such as volcanoes and earthquakes and in long-term features such as the slow movement of continental plates across the upper layers of the Earth’s crust. Major topics include the Earth’s features, mapping the Earth’s surface, the Earth’s energy balance, weather and climate, ocean circulation, minerals and rocks, plate tectonics, weathering and mass wasting, hydrology, landform creation, and soils.



You must fellow everything in I asked for in the question. Just one event happened this year so far.

In the attachement, review the ppts and contect the content to the event you find.

use one of the resorces and reference it in the paper. Just reference the event.


I will send you an example of the paper to make it easier for you. This is a weekly paper, just to show that you understand the content in the attachment. 


( Must choose ONE ) Here are some web resources for your Environmental Events Log:

 NASA News: News: Geophysical Union News: Science Foundation News: Geographic Newswatch: News Network:

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