So, what am I looking for with this paper anyhow? I would like you to pick a topic related to  Environmental Science and tell me about it. This can be EITHER a descriptive paper OR an opinion piece. ANY topic related to Environmental Science is open for discussion, however you do need to tell me your topic and/or thesis before you start. 

Things this paper MUST have:

This is a college paper and I am expecting college work. Therefore, I need a clear thesis statement and AT LEAST three legitimate journal sources (however use as many as you would like – please note Wikipedia is NOT a legitimate source). Aim for 5 pages as you should be able to get that much material with three sources. If you are doing an opinion piece make sure I know what your opinion is and why you think that way. I have no preference APA or MLA style, however make sure you cite correctly whichever style you prefer. 

An excellent rubric on college level writing done by Bakersfield College can be found here:

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