Hazard Reduction Programs

Over the last 100 years, the government has put in place a number of hazard-reduction programs as the result of various disasters. Write a 5–7 page paper analyzing the current and past governmental reduction programs (for both natural and man-made hazards) and trace the history of hazard mitigation from the 20th Century to current times.

The list below contains a sample of programs:

·       Flood Control Act(FCA) of 1917

·       FCA of 1936

·       FCA of 1938

·       Federal Disaster Relief Act of 1950

·       National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

·       Disaster Relief Act of 1970

·       Flood Disaster protection Act of 1973

·       Disaster Relief Act of 1974

·       Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act-1977

·       FEMA Established-1978

·       Coastal Barriers Resource Act-1982

·       Stafford Act-1988

·       Hazard Mitigation Act of 2000

Your Assignment should:

·       identify at least three (3) natural and three (3) man-made disaster mitigation programs, highlighting best practices

·       identify the sources for each of the programs and explain the influence of disasters on mitigation programs

·       explain how the programs were put in place

·       discuss the impact of such programs, including the program effectiveness and unresolved issues



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