Short answers questions . straight forward answers, no need of cited pages.


1. Compare instrumental value and intrinsic value as they relate to determining the worth of natural species. Where does Leopolds idea of the land land ethic fit  into these two categories ?
2. What are the four  categories into wich the human valuing of natural species can be divided ?Give examples of each one.
3 how does the endangered species act preserve threatened and endagered  species in thebunited states ? give examples of how the act has been inplemented .
4 choose and endagered or treatened animal or plant species, and use the Internet to research what is currently being done to preserve it.
5. What is biodiversity ? What do scientists  need to know to calculate it for a habitat ?
6. In what ways It’s human population ecology similar to and different from that of other organisms? Why is it difficult to determined a Carrying capacity for humans?
7. How has the global human population changed from prehistoric times to begin 1800? From 1800 to the present? What is projected over the next 50 years?
8. What is meant by population momentum and what is its cause?
9. Does the World bank classifies countries in terms  of economic categories?
19. How of the population profile and fertility rates of developed countries differ from those  of developing countries?
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